Beauty Skill Owner Eyelash Cleansing Foam / Lash Shampoo

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Beauty Skill Owner Eyelash Cleansing Foam / Lash Shampoo

is a soft, moisturizing foam that, when paired with Cleansing Brush, works to clean eyelash extensions, and cilia line  without disturbing the bonds of adhesive.
Can be used by Lash Professional to prepare eyelashes  to the  eyelash extensions procedure, as well as  the Aftercare Product for Eyelash Extesions.

Propper preparations of natural lashes to the lash extensions procedure is a key point for best retention.
Natural lashes need to be absolutely free of sebum, and have no traces of make-up before lash application.

How to use:

  • Professionals: For the best retention of lash extensions, always start natural lash preparation with lash bath using our Cleansing Foam / Lash shampoo.
    Perfectly cleans oils. Sebum, make-up and dust from natural lashes, and existing lash extension before infills.
    Must be rinsed thoroughly with clean water, or saline solution.
  • Aftercare:  Wait at list 24-48 hours after your lash extensions appointment before using.
    Distribute one pump of the cleansing foam onto the back of your hand.
    Run the Cleansing Brush bristle underwater then dip into the foam.
    In a 90-degree angle, place the Cleansing Brush above and on your lash line.
    Gently swipe back and front along the lash line.
    Gently swipe back and forth along the lash line and lightly work the bristles in between the lashes to ensure they’re fully cleansed.
    Do not press or swipe too hard, and do not cleanse more than one a day.

Ingredients: Water, glycerine, gold chamomile extract, betanin.
60ml/2.11 fl oz

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